VMP Performance TVS Supercharged 11+ Coyote No-Grind FEAD Kit - Street

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VMP No-Grind FEAD Kit for TVS Supercharged '11+ Coyote (Street Version) This kit is designed to work with older VMP and Roush blower kits with the 2.3 L or 2.65 L supercharger. It replaces the cast Roush FEAD bracket and spider bracket that require grinding of the front cover to install. The street kit is recommended for 85 mm/3.2" and larger pulleys. This kit includes: Billet aluminum FEAD bracket with mounting hardware Two VMP-61-SM idler pulleys with 6203-2RS bearings OE Ford automatic belt-tensioner Ribbed idler pulley and bolt Six M6 x 14 mm pulley bolts K060815 belt .035" thick pulley spacer - if needed. These new mounting points combined with our proprietary upper FEAD bracket form a complete supercharger belt drive. Your front cover must have the machined idler boss and machined tensioner pad. Early 2011 model year Coyotes lack these features. In this situation, the Roush bracketry is the best option. A note about belt lengths with this kit: Included K060815 belt is recommended for 88 mm/3.4" and 92 mm/3.5 in" upper pulleys on a 2.65 L TVS supercharger. '11-'14 Style Roush lower intakes are 3/8" taller and may require a longer belt. You can identify this lower intake by the significant 3/8" difference in blower mounting height vs. fuel rail mounting height. 2.3 L VMP and Roush blowers have a lower pulley centerline which causes the needed belt length to decrease. 2.3 L blowers often use an 82 mm/3.1" - 85 mm/3.2" pulley to achieve boost levels of 10-12 psi on pump gas. Depending on your lower intake height, you may need to go as short as a K060810 or K060806 belt. If the belt is too loose or too tight, the tensioner may make a clicking noise. A .035" thick pulley spacer is included in this kit to use if needed. This spacer allows you to correct minor belt alignment issues due to variances in lower intake placement on the engine.