Superchips 3846-S1 Flashpaq F5 Programmer

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Flashpaq F5 Programmer; Industry Leading Handheld Tuner; PCM Swap; The Flashpaq performance tuner is considered one of the most popular and easy to use handheld programmers on the market. Flashpaq is powerful and adds a whole new element to your driving experience in just a few minutes. Now, Flashpaq supports 2019 Ram 1500 New Body 5.7L Hemi engines with the 8-speed transmission. This support is delivered with the tried and tested PCM swap program that Superchips developed with ease and simplicity in mind. Superchips has designed a quick and easy solution that makes tuning these difficult trucks a breeze as Superchips takes care of everything. Be sure to refer to your instruction manual to install required cable prior to using. Review PCM swap options below get your 2019 Ram 1500 5.7L tuned and running Superchips Equipped! High Definition 2.8 Inch Color Screen; Adjust Speed and Rev Limiters; User-Selectable MDS On/Off; Speedometer Correction For Changes In Tire Size/Gear Ratio; TPMS Options