Superchips 3050 Dashpaq In-Cab Monitor And Performance Tuner

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Dashpaq In-Cab Monitor And Performance Tuner; Programmer/Monitor Combo; 23 Performance Indicating Data Points; The Dashpaq features a full-color, high resolution, button-controlled 2.4 in. screen. Using the button interface you can navigate between power levels, as well as customize options like tire size, gears (not applicable on all models), and set user-adjustable thresholds for engine parameters like boost, transmission temperature, EGT's and more! Color Screen w/Button Interface; My Style Custom Backgrounds; Displays True Speed On Monitor; Speedometer Correction For Changes In Tire Size/Gear Ratio; Easy-To-Use Menu Structures; Helps Improve Fuel Mileage And Improve Towing Power; Speed/Rev Limiter Options Based On Fitment; Adjustable Axle Gear Ratio; Reads And Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes; Internet Updatable