Superchips 1545 Flashcal F5 Programmer

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Flashcal F5 Programmer; Handheld Tuner; If you are a Ford truck owner who is looking for a device to help calibrate for your large aftermarket tires, read/clear trouble codes, adjust your speed limiter and more, then look no further. The Flashcal for Truck is a product designed to give features and calibration tools to truck owners at a great price. The days of clunky, outdated calibration tools are over. Flashcal has trucks covered and the market cornered with quality and pricing that can't be matched. Covers 1999-2016 F series gas trucks and 1999-2015 F-Series diesel trucks. Color Screen w/Button Interface; Digital Battery Voltage Display; Real-Time Data Monitoring; Real-Time Data Logging; Adjust Idle In Real-Time To Run Accessories; Corrects Speedometer For Tire Upgrades Based On Fitment; Speedometer Recalibration For Gear/Axle Swaps Based On Fitment; Adjustable Speed Limiter; TPMS Options Based On Fitment; Reads And Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes; Internet Updatable