Power Stop 2015 Audi Q3 Rear Euro-Stop Brake Kit

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PowerStop is on a mission to deliver an easy way for any driver to upgrade their brakes - no matter where or how they use their vehicle. We are proud to offer our Euro-Stop Brake Kit, an affordable solution for owners of high-end European vehicles who prefer original equipment brakes. This brake pad and rotor kit is manufactured to original equipment specifications and comes with everything you need, including stainless-steel hardware, for an easy, bolt-on installation. The pads meet the strict ECE-R90 standards required throughout the European Union ensuring OE performance and quality, and the High-Carbon rotors are treated with a thin layer of Genuine GEOMET 360 coating to protect against rust and corrosion without diminishing braking performance. If you are looking to retain the original level of performance for your European vehicle but tired of the big price, Euro-Stop is for you. Power Stop - Rear Euro-Stop High-Carbon Coated Rotors, ECE-R90 Brake Pads + Hardware Kit Rear: 2015 AUDI Q3; 2015 AUDI Q3 QUATTRO; 2009-2017 VOLKSWAGEN CC; 2012-2017 VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN; 2017-2018 VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN LIMITED; Fitment: 2009 Volkswagen CC Luxury 2009 Volkswagen CC Sport 2009 Volkswagen CC VR6 2009 Volkswagen CC VR6 Sport 2010 Volkswagen CC Luxury 2010 Volkswagen CC Sport 2010 Volkswagen CC VR6 2010 Volkswagen CC VR6 Sport 2011 Volkswagen CC Luxury 2011 Volkswagen CC R-Line 2011 Volkswagen CC Sport 2012 Volkswagen CC Lux 2012 Volkswagen CC Lux Limited 2012 Volkswagen CC Lux Plus 2012 Volkswagen CC R-Line 2012 Volkswagen CC Sport 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan S 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan SE 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL 2013 Volkswagen CC Lux 2013 Volkswagen CC R-Line 2013 Volkswagen CC Sport 2013 Volkswagen CC Sport Plus 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan S 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan SE 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL 2014 Volkswagen CC Executive 2014 Volkswagen CC R-Line 2014 Volkswagen CC Sport 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan S 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan SE 2014 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL 2015 Audi Q3 Premium Plus 2015 Audi Q3 Prestige 2015 Audi Q3 Quattro Premium Plus 2015 Audi Q3 Quattro Prestige 2015 Volkswagen CC Executive 2015 Volkswagen CC R-Line 2015 Volkswagen CC Sport 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan S 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan SE 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL 2016 Volkswagen CC R-Line 2016 Volkswagen CC R-Line Executive 2016 Volkswagen CC Sport 2016 Volkswagen CC Trend 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan S 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan SE 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL 2017 Volkswagen CC R-Line Executive 2017 Volkswagen CC Sport 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan S 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Sport 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Wolfsburg Edition 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Limited Base 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Limited Base