Mishimoto 2023+ Nissan Z Baffled Oil Catch Can - PCV Side

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The new 2023+ Nissan Z is one of the most coveted sports cars available. With a lineage of performance stretching back over 50 years, the Z combines decades of performance pedigree with modern tech to create a formidable driving machine. But not every part of the Z has been perfected over the last six generations. The powerful VR30DDTT is equipped with twin turbos, a direct injection fueling system, and a high compression ratio, resulting in the perfect storm for blow-by.----Over time, sneaky blow-by can gum up and leave a hardened coating on your valves, compromising the performance and efficiency of your engine. Luckily, the Mishimoto 2023+ Nissan Z PCV Side Baffled Oil Catch Can will capture and collect blow-by before it reaches your intake tract. Installed in line with the VR30DDTT's PCV system, this 2-port compact catch can features a 50-micron fiber bronze filter and an air diverter baffle that intercept oil particles before they reach the crankcase and other vital components, leaving nothing but clean air for your intake system.----Unlike most air-oil-separator (AOS) systems, Mishimoto catch cans are not heated and don't drain blow-by back into the oil pan. These factors allow blow-by, including low-octane oil vapors, to condense in the can and drip into the canister, keeping it out of the engine permanently. This can is also fully washable and includes a slotted mounting screw, making servicing a breeze.----The kit comes with everything needed for install, including a direct-fit steel powder-coated bracket, pre-formed application-specific hoses, billet 6061-aluminum can with black CNC-machined aluminum fittings, and all required hardware for a clean and easy installation. As with all our products, this 2023+ Nissan Z catch can kit is backed by our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty!