ICON 2023 Ford F-250/F-350 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit

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The ICON 2023 Ford Super Duty F-250 / F-350 4WD Dual Steering Stabilizer System is designed to minimize bump steer feedback and smooths out the roughest of terrains felt through the steering wheel. By mounting the 2.0 Aluminum Series shock absorbers in an opposing manner the push/pull effect from their internal pressure is canceled out. This allows for far greater steering damping than available from a single, similarly sized steering stabilizer shock while ensuring the truck tracks straight down the road. This system bolts to the factory differential cover and wraps around the axle for a secure fit without cutting, welding or drilling. The shocks are connected to the tire rod with black anodized billet aluminum clamps for a secure fit and clean finish. ICON’s Dual Steering Stabilizer System minimizes bump steer feedback and your vehicle tracks straight. Mounting the shock absorbers in an opposing manner produces far greater steering damping than a similarly sized single-shock setup. TECH NOTE: Not recommended for use with stock height trucks