ICON 2022+ Toyota Tundra 2-3.5 Stage 4 Suspension System Tubular

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Rounding out the Stage 4 suspension system are V.S. 2.0 Aluminum Series rear shocks specially tailored for the 2022-Up Tundra. The 2.0 Aluminum Series shocks are a high-quality upgrade for the everyday street driver and weekend warrior looking for improved on and off-road performance. Their pairing with the ICON V.S. 2.5 Series front coilovers results in balanced vehicle control from front to rear and an excellent overall driving experience for your Tundra. 2022-UP TOYOTA TUNDRA 2-3.5" LIFT STAGE 4 SUSPENSION SYSTEM WITH TUBULAR UPPER CONTROL ARMS TECH NOTE: Not compatible with Tundras equipped with i-FORCE MAX hybrid engine
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