DV8 Offroad 21-22 Ford Bronco 4dr Rear Speaker & Light Mount Bar

DV8 Offroad
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This crossbar was designed to provide your Bronco additional mounting options for rear facing LED lights and speaker cans, or a speaker bar.?The bar measures 29-inches in total length, and is 2-inches in diameter. There is a 10-inch slotted flat mount in the middle of the bar. 4 holes, 2 towards each end, allow you to run wiring hidden inside the bar. It is finished in a Micro-Texture Black Powder Coat, which blends well with the OEM trim. There are several possible configurations you can run. Two speaker cans with roll bar clamps can be installed, with up to a 6-inch light bar or two 3-inch pod lights on the flat mount. You can run a 20-inch light bar across the length of the bottom if utilizing the back rail mounts on the bar. Alternatively, a speaker bar up to 28-inches wide with roll bar clamps can be mounted across the bottom of the bar. 2021-22 Ford Bronco
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