Bilstein Motorsport 14in. Off-Road BLACKHAWK SHOCK 76mm Monotube Shock Absorber

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Bilstein M 9300 Black Hawk shock absorbers are a position sensitive, adjustable bypass shock absorbers designed for off-road motorsports applications. Based on an aluminum extrusion, the hard anodized shock body will dissipate heat 30% faster than a steel body shock absorber. M 9300 Black Hawk shock absorbers use 4 IFMV’s (Incremental Bypass Flow Metering Valve), with 10 adjustable positions to perfectly adjust the rebound and compression damping. M 9300 Black Hawk shock absorbers utilize a 3 inch ID piston bore and an ACV (Anti-Cavitiation Valve), which is housed in a 4.5 inch OD remote reservoir. The ACV allows the shock absorber to operate with much lower gas pressure to eliminate oil cavitation. With the ACV, M 9300 Black Hawk shock absorbers can fully function at 70-90 PSI which improves the overall durability and comfort. These shock absorbers are completely owner rebuildable and revalvable with service parts readily available. M 9300 Black Hawk shock absorbers will provide the most advanced technology found in an off-road racing shock absorber today. No Applications