BD Diesel 95-97 Ford E4OD 95-97 2WD c/w Filter Kit Transmission & Converter Stage 4 Package

BD Diesel
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Machined center support; Machined intermediate piston; Machined low/reverse pressure plate; Machined rear ring gear hub; Added lube circuits to OD planet; Added lube and support to output and intermediate shafts; Replaced all aluminum planetaries with steel; Drilled and tapped direct and intermediate feeds to prevent leaks at case; Re-programmed accumulator body; Full shift kit with line mod valve to increase pressures; Accumulator body enhanced oil flow; Increased cooler pressure; Increased pressure to converter; Creates positive clutch application; Created lube circuit for towing in overdrive; 1990-2003 include auxiliary frame mounted full flow filter kit; Clutch Count: COAST CLUTCH 2; Clutch Count: FORWARD 5; Clutch Count: DIRECT 5; Clutch Count: LOW REVERSE 7; Clutch Count: INTERMEDIATE 4; Clutch Count: OVERDRIVE 4; Pan adds 6qt extra oil capacity; Fully rollerized geartrain; Tighter clutch packs that provide a quicker shift; 30%-40% more clutch material with additional steels; Improved internal lubrication by adding high power boost valves; Reworked front pump; Improved bearing designs; Upgrade supports; Upgraded sprags; Sure-loc snap rings; Solenoids hard wiring providing high temperature resistance; Increase the durability of your drivetrain; Revised oil circuits; Handles up to 300% more power and torque than the stock transmission; Extra clutches and stronger internals; BD rigid aluminum heavy duty transmission pan; Pan reduces case flex; Pan reduces case flex; Pan reduces internal oil leakage; Pan heat-dissipating fins keep temperature down; Pan magnetic drain plug Transmission Kit; Complete Trans; Incl. Auxiliary Filter Kit; Incl. Complete Torque Converter; Enhanced Stall; Stage 4;