ARB Bow Shackle 19mm 4.75T Rated Type S

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2.54 (in)
2.54 (in)
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ARB maintains its position as an innovator in the industry by utilizing the most modern, state of the art fabrication equipment and machinery. Today's requirements for more complex designs are met by us with highly advanced, Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) sheet fabrication facilities. ARB's production facilities are equipped with a range of state of the art machinery suited to the manufacture of metal products. Our manufacturing capabilities include laser cutting, guillotining, robot grinding, CNC bending, machining and turning. We're equipped with MIG, TIG, robot and spot welding facilities and also have powder coating and spray painting centers. ARB has a very highly skilled and motivated workforce at our manufacturing plants. We have a stringent quality control system in place, ensuring our exceptionally high standards are maintained. These factors, combined with our level of automation, enable us to produce some of the finest 4WD accessories in the world. ARB Recovery Bow Shackle; 19mm 4.75T Rated Type S; RATED TYPE S