ANZO 2004-2012 Chevrolet Colorado/ GMC Canyon LED Tail Lights w/ Light Bar Chrome Housing Red/Clear

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Crystal Headlight Set, Clear Lens, Chrome Housing, Pair, . Guaranteed To Improve Your Vehicles Appearance. Rigorously Tested For Fit And Function. Simple Plug And Play. No Modifications Required. Easy Installation Using Common Hand Tools. Uses Stock Mounting Locations And Hardware. D.O.T. Compliant To S.A.E. Standards. Sold As A Pair. Tail Light Assembly; LED; w/ Light Bar Style; Chrome Housing; Red/Clear Lens; Pair Tail Light Set Fitment: 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Base 2004 Chevrolet Colorado LS 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Sport 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Sport LS 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 LS 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Z85 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Z85 LS 2004 GMC Canyon SL 2004 GMC Canyon SLE 2004 GMC Canyon Z71 Fleet 2004 GMC Canyon Z71 SL 2004 GMC Canyon Z71 SLE 2004 GMC Canyon Z85 SL 2004 GMC Canyon Z85 SLE 2005 Chevrolet Colorado Sport 2005 Chevrolet Colorado Sport LS 2005 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 2005 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 LS 2005 Chevrolet Colorado Z85 2005 Chevrolet Colorado Z85 LS 2005 GMC Canyon Z71 Fleet 2005 GMC Canyon Z71 SL 2005 GMC Canyon Z71 SLE 2005 GMC Canyon Z85 SL 2005 GMC Canyon Z85 SLE 2006 Chevrolet Colorado LS 2006 Chevrolet Colorado LT 2006 Chevrolet Colorado WT 2006 GMC Canyon SL 2006 GMC Canyon SLE 2006 GMC Canyon SLT 2006 GMC Canyon WT 2007 Chevrolet Colorado LS 2007 Chevrolet Colorado LT 2007 Chevrolet Colorado WT 2007 GMC Canyon SL 2007 GMC Canyon SLE 2007 GMC Canyon SLT 2007 GMC Canyon WT 2008 Chevrolet Colorado LS 2008 Chevrolet Colorado LT 2008 Chevrolet Colorado WT 2008 GMC Canyon SL 2008 GMC Canyon SLE 2008 GMC Canyon SLT 2008 GMC Canyon WT 2009 Chevrolet Colorado LT 2009 Chevrolet Colorado WT 2009 GMC Canyon SLE 2009 GMC Canyon SLT 2009 GMC Canyon WT 2010 Chevrolet Colorado LT 2010 Chevrolet Colorado WT 2010 GMC Canyon SLE 2010 GMC Canyon SLT 2010 GMC Canyon WT 2011 Chevrolet Colorado LT 2011 Chevrolet Colorado WT 2011 GMC Canyon SLE 2011 GMC Canyon SLT 2011 GMC Canyon WT 2012 Chevrolet Colorado LT 2012 Chevrolet Colorado WT 2012 GMC Canyon SLE 2012 GMC Canyon SLT 2012 GMC Canyon WT
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