20L Fluid Container w/ Locker - Gray

Rough Country
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Are you tired of clunky fluid containers that are difficult to handle and pour? Rough Country?ÇÖs Mountable Flat Fluid Containers are designed to solve all your fluid storage needs. With this innovative product, you can say goodbye to messy spills and struggles.\ Easy Grip Handles: Ergonomically designed handles on the container's top and side make pouring a breeze. No more awkward handling or worrying about dropping the container.\ Mounting Attachments with Lockable Feature: Securing your fluids during bumpy off-road adventures is a breeze. These containers come with easily mountable attachments that can be locked in place. This lockable feature guarantees the safety and security of your fluids, providing peace of mind as you navigate rough terrains.\ Universally Applicable: Whether you own a Truck-SUV, UTV, Side X Sides, or any other off-road vehicle, these mountable flat fluid containers are designed to fit them all. No more hassle of finding specific containers for different vehicles.\ Seamless Body Construction: The seamless body construction ensures that there are no weak points or potential areas for leaks, allowing you to use the container with confidence.\ UV Resistant: With UV-resistant properties, these containers can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without any degradation or discoloration.\ Invest in the Mountable Flat Fluid Containers today and experience the convenience, durability, and versatility they offer. Say goodbye to spills and struggles, and say hello to effortless fluid storage for your off-road adventures.